The First Print!

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I have released the first print from this project. It is “Map in the Rubble”.

"Map In the Rubble" print image
Map in the Rubble

My friend Don Blyly has run Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore since the 1970s (in three locations), and I’ve been shopping in it most of that time. It was set alight by an unknown arsonist in the early hours of 30-May-2020 (several buildings on that block were burned), and it burned to the ground.

Obviously I had to go and see what it looked like. One of the things I did when I got there was to scan all the rubble carefully with a telephoto lens, to see if I could find anything interestingly recognizable. This photo is one of the results of that scan. (Although I know other people have done it, I did not think it was smart to get down into the rubble filling the basement to get close to the various things in it that might be interesting. Also, if I had done so I would have been walking over things other people might have found interesting.)

I’m doing all the work on these prints myself; editing the photos (the equivalent of the “printing” process in the chemical darkroom), printing them out, and doing the actual mailing too. And they are of course signed. (I don’t do limited-edition prints; it’s a long and messy argument I’ll happily have with you, but I just don’t).