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New Prints: “Burn to the Ground”, “Wooden Fist”, and “Open Anarchy”

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I’ve been a bit busy for a couple of days, making some new prints.

Burn to the Ground 6/2020

Burn to the Ground

One of the angriest messages I encountered! This was sprayed on the Jersey barriers blocking off the Lake Street construction, right across from the old K-Mart.

Wooden Fist 6/2020

Wooden Fist

I’ve been thinking of this location as “ground zero”; 38th St. and Chicago Ave., where George Floyd was murdered.

There was a huge range of memorial activity, from graffiti on the bus shelter, to constructed sculptures like that wooden first, big paintings on walls, and all sorts of other things.

There was also a huge range of people hanging around or passing through, from street preachers to kids to various kinds of political operatives to tourists like myself. Everybody seemed to be getting along fine.

Open Anarchy 6/2020

Open Anarchy

One of the few boardings I found that used revolutionary or anarchist symbols or concepts. Note this one also has Sharpie “people live here” messages (meaning “please don’t burn us to death”).

It seems very likely that at least 2 people contributed to this messaging; the “We’re OPEN” sign might be the same person as the “people live here”, but the anarchist symbol probably is not. I found the juxtaposition of the business message partly covering the anarchist symbol amusing enough to inspire the title.