Author Copies!

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My author copies of the book finally arrived yesterday.

Me at my laptop, holding one of the author's copies of the book
One of my author’s copies

I’ve seen one copy (that friends brought over to get autographed) in person, and one via zoom, and I know from online reports that a number of you received copies you ordered. I think author copies are handled differently at Amazon, and I know that I chose the cheap shipping option, so that’s probably why mine took so long.

So now finally I’ve been able to look through it at leisure and in good lighting. I have to say, it looks pretty darned good!

I was initially doubtful about Amazon’s print-on-demand process’s ability to handle color photos as more than diagrams or snapshots, but the two proof books convinced me it was quite respectable. I made additional adjustments after the second proof, though, so I hadn’t really seen the final result until now.

And I do still like my photos a lot.

So, ritual call to action here: