New Print: “Bryant Lake panorama 6/2020”

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This is the image I chose to use on the book cover. Since it’s a panorama, it can wrap around the front and back and still leave plenty of room for the title and such.

This is the north side of Lake St. east of Bryant Ave. Bryant Lake Bowl is perhaps the best known business there.

For this one I was able to shoot from across the street (just waiting for cars to drive past), so there’s less perspective distortion and such.

This print is on 10″ roll paper, cut to length. Because of the length, it’s shipped rolled in a tube rather than flat. Do not leave it rolled in the tube for a long time; it will acquire a permanent rather tight curl. And, if you do have to roll it up again, be very careful not to twist the roll to tighten it, because that causes the image surface to be rubbed with great force across the protective paper; it’s very likely to scuff the image.

“Bryant Lake panorama 6/2020”