Panoramic Prints!

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Book cover image, mostly out of the printer, overflowing the receiving tray
Panoramic cover image

A number of the images in the project are rather wide; often they’re stitched from multiple images, so there’s plenty of resolution to print them large, they’re just a funny shape.

I had to do some experimenting to work out a usable method to print these panoramic images. The paper sizes I stock aren’t big enough for proper panoramas even when cut in half (an 22×8.5 print is less than 3:1 aspect ratio, and just isn’t very big), and my printer doesn’t directly handle roll paper (no cutting mechanism).

Me with box holding 10" roll of paper
Roll paper for panoramic prints

But I have found a way that works. I’m printing the panorama prints on 10″ roll paper, which I am pre-cutting to the right length for the particular print. The Windows printer driver for this printer will handle up to 38″ paper lengths, so I can get an aspect ratio of almost 4:1. (The image is of course smaller; minimum of 1″ margins, more if it seems practical.)

This is considerably more trouble; both pre-cutting the paper, and also navigating the big floppy paper strips through the printer, straight. Also, the left and right margins will likely not be identical; since this doesn’t matter after they’re matted and framed, I’m not spending energy to do anything about it.

My shipping strategy doesn’t work for these, they’re simply too long to ship flat. So panoramic prints will ship rolled, in tubes (with acid-free cover sheet). I do strongly recommend you don’t store them rolled up for extended periods; the paper tends to take the curl fairly seriously given time. And if you do need to roll them up again after you look at them, be very careful to avoid tightening the roll (this forces the print to rub on itself very forcefully, and can scuff the surface).

I’ll be announcing individual panoramic prints fairly shortly, but first I have to update the various things that are no longer true for all prints in various places.

Three panoramic prints on a very messy table
First full-size panorama proof prints for Words Over Windows project

The price remains the same as for regular prints, and shipping remains included. Given how much more trouble they are to make…the price may go up at some point in the future. (Those of you holding gift certificates for prints—those do cover panoramic prints as well as regular ones.)

This was all done back in December of 2020, but I had to make a humanitarian trip to help a good friend in Cleveland (on a contract job) who broke their arm.