New Print: “Transit Windows 6/2020”

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Obviously, I like all the images I included in the book, in the project! But preparing 150 photos for printing in a hurry would have been a real death-march. So, for the initial print offerings I picked photos that I thought were particularly striking, that I liked myself and hoped would sell.

But I also mentioned in various contexts, privately and publicly, that in addition to the prints I say are available on the site, if you want to purchase a print of any other of the photos in the project I’ll give it a good try.

So, here’s the first print resulting from somebody taking me up on that offer.

This photo shows three painted window coverings in the Uptown area (the Metro Transit logo showing at the right pinpoints the location, and also gave the print its name).

The reason it can take a few days to make a print is that I really do rather a lot. Here’s the Photoshop workspace towards the end of the printing process for this image.

Photoshop workspace while editing this image
Working on “Transit Wndows 6/2020”

And here’s the final version:

“Transit Windows 6/2020”