New Print: “Uncle Hugo’s panorama 6/2020”

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I was deeply shocked when I heard that Uncle Hugo’s had been burned. I’ve been a customer of Don Blyly’s (the owner) since the 1970s (at their previous location), and in fact I lived on the same block as the original location for a while, and around the corner from this location later. And while I’ve done some other photography of burned buildings, this one was much the most thoroughly destroyed.

At the far left and right ends of this print you see the sidewalk that goes by the building. Obviously the overall perspective is somewhat distorted! I had to shoot this from very close, because of cars parked along the side of the street. Because of the complexity of the image I used the “rotating camera” approach, which warps the perspective like this.

The prints “Princess Bride in the Rubble” and “Map in the Rubble” are photos of small areas of the rubble filling the middle of this image.

“Uncle Hugo’s panorama 6/2020”